Looking for ideas on how to train your pomsky? We are here for you. This is the best pomsky training book that was written by pomsky breeders.


Teddy Bears

Tiny Huskys

                     Blue Eyes.

Steve and Chree started Mountain Shadow Ranches in 2007. Honoring and growing the family busiess of Beverly Olsen, Mountain Shadow Kennels. Our building is clean and bright and one of a kind. We have both worked in EMS and law enforcement and are a Military family. We love to workout and love sharing these breeds! We  pride our selves on good honest old fashion business practices. Come see and you be the judge! We have located our kennel in an open farm land area with grass and plenty of room to run. Family owned for over 48 years. Since 1967 we have been part of AKC in good standing since then. Not many can say that.

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