Beverly Olsen and Chree Olsen Martin

Owners and Operators. Beverly passed away November 2015 our hearts are broken and we will miss her deeply. We carry on her legacy of breeding the best of the best and treating people right.

      A Word About Mountain Shadow kennels

We are a breeder who uses 100% science to breed our dogs. We test them through and have become a partner to the Embark Science Research Center which tests for over 149 genetic defeats. Chree  has a degree in Science, Forensic Science,and DNA Specialist. Mountain Shadow is the ONLY breeder of Pomskies which  can offer the  health 100% genetic guarantee and truly have the science behind the genetics of the dogs. We take "breeding the best of the best" very serious.

Beverly started Mountain Shadow Kennels in 1967. She was a great breeder and  professionally showed AKC Huskys, Samoyeds  and later Rottweilers.  In 1991 Chree joined the business learning to groom, and learning the breeding standards. In 2007 Chree and her husband Steven took over the business. In 2014 they wanted to join the breeding of Pomskies. After researching the breed they purchased the very best Huskys they could and started this journey with Beverly's advice and direction. The kennel is located on the farm and has been for over 40 years. The welfare of our animals are our top priority always. Happy dogs breed happy puppies. We are willing to show off our pups and our care of them anytime. We love this breed and are more then willing to answer any questions or concerns.