This beautiful babies is available with all the bonuses of having a Mountain Shadow baby. A health Guarantee, health insurance,vetted,vaccinations,deworming and socialized. These babies are priced at 2500.

We have Frenchskies. This is a new hybred breed we have produced right here at Mountain Shadow Ranches inside our lab. This is a wonderful combination  of the French bull dog and the pomsky( pomeranian and husky) for health, coat, personality and conformation. We have combine the 2 breeds that we find amazing. The french bull dog is a perfect family dog with one exception. Sometimes they can have health issues with itchy skin, problems with bite plates and trouble with reflex and well as shedding. By combining the 2 of these we believe we have dealt with these issues. The pomskie is a very health fun loving breed yet can have a little to much energy.  We believe this will prolong your family members life. We are so excited to introduce them to the world.