This guy is a stunning F2. He has a standard plush coat that is dark brown and tan. He has amazing double Hazel eyes. He is listed at 1200. 

Born August 28th 2019. This is the " UP" litter, We have Carl, Dug (Males),  and Kevin (Female) The males are priced at 1500. They are f2s. Kevin the last female is 1900.

Russell. He is black and white with brown eyes. He has a plush coat.



Mom is Moca  50-50 pomsky F1                                                                               Dad is Creed  50-50 pomsky F2

Kevin is the only female. Double blues

  Kevin has a wooly coat. She is 1900

​         Available pups

This is the "Nightmare before Christmas" litter born October 17th 2019. They will be ready for their forever homes on December 20th. Prices are 2500 for brown eyes and 3000 for blue. This is a repeat breeding and all previous pups have never been over 18 pounds.This litter is F1. Despite the pictures they are very tiny.