​​Pomskies are not cheap and here is why, due to all the high work,testing,and all the research we do to produce the best of the best. When you buy from us you are guaranteed to get the best quality Pomsky. Period.

-Our dogs come from good reputable breeders with registrations.

-Our dogs have champion and grand champions in their blood lines.

- We breed for standards, coat quality ,and temperament.

- Our dogs are not breed until they reach proper age.

-Each dog is put through a social test to assure they have the right temperament we desire.

-We have many references

-We offer lifetime support.

-We do genetic testing on all our breeders through the Embark testing center. They test for over 160 different disorders and diseases.

-Puppies come with shots, microchipped ,deworming, and neurological stimulation.

- We make it our mission in improve the Pomsky breed and make it the best we can.

-  genetic guarantee. 

-We are a member of the Pomsky Owners Association.

-Becareful when buying a pomsky from a person breeding out of their home. How long have they been in business? Do they offer a health guarantee? If so are they going to be in business in a year?

-We have over 47 years experience. 

-Our dogs receive the best food high in protein,and probiotics   as well as nuvet vitamins to keep them in the best health.

 This ensures we only breed the very healthest.

Why buy from us?

       Achieving perfection through science and Research.

  Located in Utah next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We love it here with room to run. Our pomskies enjoy the fresh air and open spaces. We love the pomsky and are so happy to share it with others. We are second generation breeders. We offer a genetics health guarantee on all pomsky pups. We can do this because we have been in business over 47 years and we know where our bloodline come from. We take the statement of we only breed the best of the best seriously. We are a proud member of the Pomsky Owners Association. 

Mountain Shadow Pomskies does not ship any of our dogs outside the continental US. If your interested in a pup you are welcome to have us nanny the pup to you at your expense or you may come to us to nanny the pup.