Thundra and Juno litter due October 5th 2018

 If your interested in getting on the waiting list here is how it works. 

1. You fill out the                    .                 Email it to us at Once approved you will be contacted and asked to place a deposit. You may do this by credit card or paypal.

2. The deposit is 500.00 and it is refundable at sellers discretion.

3. When the litter is born you will be notified. At four weeks old you have the choice to chose two picks. Your first choice and your second choice. At 6 weeks you are notified of your picks. Most people get their first choice. If you cant find what you want you may move to the next litter. So on and so forth. We want you to be 100% happy. The 500.00 deposit counts towards the final cost of the pup. The price of the pup depends on color,markings, eye color and size. They range from 1700-4500 the price for shipping is 500.00 we do not ship out of the USA